Well-Scripted TV Shows That Will Blow Your Mind

Well-Scripted TV Shows That Will Blow Your Mind

If you watch TV shows often, you know well how much a well-researched and well scripted TV show matters in terms of strong story, plot, and authentic events. When it comes to well written TV shows, we have a few suggestions for you that will not fail the intellectual in you, and will blow your mind with the intelligent storyline, plot, dialogues, as well as events. The information in the shows is authentic and the stories are unconventional and you will definitely enjoy watching them. 

Breaking Bad

Set in Albuquerque New Mexico, Breaking Bad is a TV show that revolves around the life of Walter White a chemistry schoolteacher, his wife and son Walter Junior. Walter White is a meek school teacher that breaks bad when he finds out he has terminal lung cancer. With a recipe of his own, and the help of his former student Jessie Pinkman who locally sells drugs, Walter starts selling and making money to pay his medical bills and debt. Walter starts trading purely made blue methamphetamine that no one has had before, and after he starts selling, everyone starts looking for that pure blue meth and all other meth sellers loose clients. Eventually they start selling internationally, and things start getting real. The chase between Heisenberg, the DEA, and the mafia is worth watching. The show will have you hooked and you will binge watch all seasons in one go if you haven’t watched it already. 

The Alienist

Set in 1896 New York City, alienists were people who studied the minds of those who were said crazy and psychologically challenged. The show discusses famous personalities of that era such as Theodore Roosevelt and J.P. Morgan. The psychological thriller revolves around an alienist (psychologist) Dr. Laszlo Kreizler who is called by the police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt in order to secretly investigate a series of gruesome murders of young boy escorts. Being a criminal psychologist, Dr. Kreizler investigates the murderer’s patterns and tries to hunt him down with his illustrator friend John Moore, and the only lady police department secretary Sara Howard. Despite being opposed by the powerful, Kriezler, Sara and John never step back from hunting down the psychopath ritualistic murderer. 


Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective series, Sherlock is a TV show that revolves around Dr. John. H Watson a former army doctor and his unusually nerdy, intelligent, and anti-social roommate Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is obsessed with solving difficult crime cases and mysteries, and while the police doesn’t like working with Sherlock, they have to hire him to solve cases because no one else is as good as he is. Every episode has different crime cases for which Sherlock is called to investigate and each episode is totally binge worthy. If you love suspenseful TV shows that are also well scripted and mind blowing to watch, you will never get bored to Sherlock, the only sad part is that the series is short and has limited episodes, but each episode is worth watching. 

The Sinner

The sinner is a TV show not for the faint hearted as it shows you the true human nature, and the concept of sinners. There are several seasons with stories that will blow your mind and will open your eyes at same time about how humans make mistakes unintended in unusual circumstances, and the price they have to pay for those sins. The TV show is well scripted and revolves around the murder cases that Detective Harry Ambrose has to investigate. The cases are not as simple and black and white as they seem. When ordinary people who are incapable of committing gruesome crimes commit the crimes, detective Ambrose investigates to the roots of the case. What he finds out is unreal, and if you also want to find out, watch this TV show as it one of the best. In order to watch this TV show, you will need a good TV service, and for that we suggest TDS TV. TDS TV is affordable, comes with 110+ local and popular channels with all kinds of content and also allows you on demand streaming. Besides, you can also record your favorite TV shows with Cloud DVR. So, get your TV package now, and enjoy your favorite TV shows anywhere, any time. 


Manifest is an American supernatural drama series that revolves around a bunch of people that try to fit into the society that they have landed in. The passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 are presumed dead, and after the assumption, the passengers land mysteriously after years of takeoff, into a new and changed society. After landing, the passengers try to reintegrate in the new society which is difficult to adopt as it has changed a lot. The show discusses the importance of time and how things always change drastically with time. It also teaches us that changes may look weird from a distance, but people who live in the changed world don’t consider it strange. The lesson of the show is very deep and hard to grasp, but the show is well scripted and great in terms of story and plot. It is a must watch if you are into fantasy and supernatural TV shows. 

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a futuristic Science fiction TV show that discusses how the future may look with advanced lifestyle and technology and how that technology can go wrong. The TV show discusses the dystopian world of advancements as catastrophic towards humans and their nature. It is a show where the greatest innovations and darkest instincts collapse and make a destruction. Each episode has a new and unique human made innovation and how it can go wrong with the traditional human brain and its nature. The show discusses how the future technology can mess especially with slow-witted people and their brains. 

If you like TV shows with strong stories and well written scripts in terms of story, direction, setting, plot, and dialogues, these TV shows are perfect and don’t have lose ends when it comes to the plot. The character development is great, the story is deep and well thought, and the overall setting and dialogues are also great. If you are looking for TV shows that are not typical and are interesting and challenging to watch, you will love the TV shows mentioned above because each and every one of their scenes have been well researched. 

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