Title IX- Frequently Asked Questions

 Title IX- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title IX?

It says that no person should be excluded from participation in various educational programs or activities on the basis of sex. It also provides multiple protections to both genders which helps create a safe and secure environment for learning. If you want to know more, you can visit studentdisciplinedefense.com

What is covered under Title IX?

Title IX protects from discrimination on the basis of sex in any educational Institute. It covers sexual assault, harassment, sexual violence, stalking, domestic violence, dating violence, etc.

How to report a Title IX issue?

The first and foremost thing that you should do in such a case is that you should contact the Title IX coordinator who will help you get information about the investigation. Also, by reporting the matter to the Title IX coordinator, you will have the support of various authorities at the institute.

Who can report a Title IX issue?

Anyone working at an educational institute, whether it’s a faculty, visitor, student, staff, etc. is entitled to report such matters to the concerned authorities.

Will my issue be kept confidential?

Most educational institutes will try their best to keep your matter confidential. However, for confidentiality, you will have to request the authorities at the concerned institute to keep the matter private. You should even inform them that you do not wish to participate in an investigation or disciplinary proceeding.

What steps are taken by the college in the Title IX issue?

Such matters are given the utmost importance and the matter is reported to appropriate authorities for further assistance. The college ensures that the rights of both the accused and the complainant are protected and that both get a fair chance to represent themselves.

How long an investigation related to the Title IX issue takes?

The period for such an investigation varies from case to case and it is not possible to have an exact timeline for every case. However, the college tries its best to conclude the investigation within 60 days after receiving an official notice from the complainant.

Can I be rusticated for filing a sexual harassment complaint?

Under no circumstance, you will be terminated from the college for filing a sexual violence case. It is against the law and can have serious implications for the college authorities. If someone tries to harass you or threaten you to withdraw the case, you can get in touch with the local police who will assist you further.

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