The Importance Of Brows & Lashes: Guide To Grow Faster & Thicker

Every day, our brows and eyelashes safeguard our eyes and perform crucial tasks.Even though you see them every time you look in the mirror, you probably don’t give them much thought. And once you do, the seemingly random fuzzy patches on your forehead, known as your eyebrows, or the delicate hair growing from your eyelids, known as your eyelashes, seem somewhat odd. So what’s the point of them anyway? 

Eyebrows & Eyelashes Assist in Protecting Our Eyes

Most of you are undoubtedly already aware of the fact that our eyelashes and eyebrows serve to protect our eyes. But now, we’d like to go into greater detail to clarify what that implies. 

Role Of Eyebrows 

The eyebrows’ first and most evident role is to shield our eyes from liquids like sweat and rain. Any water or salty sweat is diverted away from our eyes and out to the sides of our faces by the arch form of the brow. The next time you work out and wind up drenching yourself in sweat, remember to be thankful that your eyebrows keep all of that out of your eyes.

Additionally, eyebrows play a significant social role in communicating with others. Using our eyebrows, we can convey our surprise, rage, sadness, happiness, or confusion to others. An MIT study found that our eyebrows are one of our most distinguishing facial features and that without them, people could find it challenging to recognize us. Thick eyebrows are best looking, and you can use the best serum for eyebrows growth

Role Of Eyelashes

Your eyelashes serve similar functions. They try to keep liquid out of your eyes and sand and other particles out of the way. They are also susceptible to touch, like a dog or cat’s whiskers. As a result, if something is approaching too closely for your eyes, you will feel it first at your eyelashes, giving you more time to shield your eyes from any risk. 

Our mammal lashes are the ideal length, thanks to nature! The perfect length of eyelashes keeps our eyes moist and pleasant while shielding them from foreign objects. Your eyes might be more vulnerable to dust particles and dry eyes if they are any shorter or longer. Eyelashes enhancing serum is the best product, helping to grow lashes thicker, fatser, and healthier. 

Tips For Eyebrow Care 

  1. Apply a good moisturizer. We neglect the brows when applying lotion to the face. There is one error you must never commit. Taking good care of the skin beneath the brows is crucial. Your skin behind the brows can become dry, much like the scalp, so it’s vital to moisturize to keep it from becoming flaky. 
  1. Grooming is essential! Nobody loves unkempt, bushy eyebrows. For regular brow grooming, you should see a specialist. Well-groomed brows can drastically alter your appearance.
  1. Maintain the health of your brows. Your eyebrows need care just like the hair on your head does. You can take care of them by applying organic coconut or sweet almond oil twice a week.
  1. Purchase a quality set of tweezers. Seeing a professional may only sometimes be possible. You should always include a good pair of tweezers in your kit in cases like this.

Tips For Eyelashes Care 

  1. Do not remove your eyelashes. We frequently wipe our eyes excessively out of frustration. This may cause our eyelashes to fall out. Some individuals have the terrible habit of tugging their eyelashes. But one should always steer clear of this.
  1. Purchase quality mascara. We all desire long lashes. Therefore if you want to get them, spend money on a lovely mascara that is chemical-free and won’t damage your lashes.
  1. Never go to bed with your mascara still on. When you apply mascara, your lashes may become stiff. If continued for too long, it may also weaken them. Make sure to remove your mascara before going to bed. With the aid of coconut oil, you can remove the product. 
  1. Buy a reliable eyelash curler. Maintaining the health of your lashes is also crucial. You can spend money on a good lash curler for this.
  1. A must-have is castor oil. You can give your eyelashes a nightly thin coat of castor oil to help them grow strong and long. 
Wrapping Up 

Your eyebrows & lashes are an essential feature of your face. It’s possible that eyelashes were necessary to shield the highly delicate eye when our eyes evolved the way they did. Unsurprisingly, compared to other animals, our eyes are one of the most advanced and enhanced visual organs (although not the best of all). To guard and shield these eyeballs from any small or large particles penetrating them, eyelashes have evolved.  

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