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Buying facts about larimar jewelry

  • Larimar is a rare beauty and takes time to form. This pectolite mineral is available in white to grey shade and is found in various places around the world. However, the highest desirable stone is available in the Dominican republic. The copper presence leads to the blue color inclusion in the Larimar jewelry
  • The supply of Larimar is facing extension with unknown deposits and no determination of actual place. And this intriguing aspect and mysticism accentuate the worth of this semi-precious wonder and its value around the corners. For instance, the larimar ring is high in demand among jewelry enthusiasts.  
  • Dominican Miguel Mendez and normal rilling were behind the discovery of Larimar. In 1974, they volunteered around the beach of Barahona. And they observed the carrying of larimar stones from the Bahoruco River by oceanic waves. Even the name of Larimar was decided because of the daughter of Mendez, Larissa. Well, Mar is a Spanish word that means sea. 
  • The extraction and localization of this stone vary on its recognition of chimneys and tubes through which incandescent particles and hot gases transferred pectolite minerals. Therefore, the tubes profiteering propels the miners to excavate deep into volcanic areas. Till present, these holes are changes in the actual network of tunnels. And after all this process, the final development of the larimar pendant takes place. 
  • Just like the ocean, the blue of Larimar represents serenity, and that’s why people end up wearing the larimar necklace for bringing calm and peace to their life. Larimar is the amalgamation of water and air, thus helps in cleansing out the impurities and negativity of the wearer. Moreover, the underlying energies of the Larimar ring assure fertility, emotions, and mindfulness to stay sound in life. 
  • Larimar is available in different places but is still considered a rare wonder. However, the good varieties of this gem are available in the white and blue shade in the Dominican Republic’s denser forest. Yes, they are hard to access but are desirable for an individual in terms of their longevity, benefits, and appearance. 
  •  Miners indeed dedicate their mind and soul to the mining of larimar stones. They risk their lives by going deep into the unusual paths. But, perhaps it requires expertise to take this action. And this might be one of the reasons to not allow larimar mining during rainy weather because of the mudslide danger. 
  • Larimar jewelry relies on its grading like any other stone, which later signifies each gem’s color, pattern, and vibrancy. Thus, the quality and value of a gemstone are majorly decided on the basis of their grades.  

Below grading – dull color 

A- Dull color with slight blue tone 

AA- Blue with a mix of white and green

AAA- Great blue color with minor inclusions of green

AAA+ – More perfect details, with perfect blue and no green tone

Where to buy larimar jewelry? 

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